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Jagged Peaks


Computer Consultant, Taylor Collins is reluctantly trading her stilettos  for climbing boots as a new assignment takes her to Mt. Everest.   Thrown out of her comfort zone she will encounter love and loss as she  tries to manage her project.

Cooper Michaels, renowned  mountaineer and filmmaker is happy with the solitude and freedom his  career offers him.  As leader for an Everest expedition, he will soon  discover that everything he believed and wanted in life will be  challenged.

Professional stuntman and adrenaline junkie, Max Wolf  exists on Liquor, Ladies and the Latest Thrill.  He considers his  expedition to Everest to be another notch in his adventure belt, but the  experience will change him into a person he never knew existed.

  • Join Taylor, Cooper, and Max as theirs lives are turned upside down as they conquer their Jagged Peaks. 

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Regrettable Summit


 At twenty-two-years old, Slade Morgan was living a life that others  could only dream about as he crossed the globe climbing some of the  world’s highest peaks.  He lived a life of pushing limits, but when a  second attempt on K2 turns adventure into tragedy his world crumbles.   Struggling with his grief, Slade runs from his painful memories, yet he  will soon learn that no matter how far you run, your past always finds  you. 

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Triple Threat


 Could you deny a dying persons' last request?

This is the dilemma  mountain guide Josh Vaughn faces when asked to take three non-climbers  to the top of Mt. Rainier.  It is a downright crazy proposition, but he  had never met three women like these:

Sloane Redmond, a  successful business strategy consultant, has an impressive professional  life that leaves little room for anything else.

Laurel Somers survived a divorce and found love again, but a medical diagnosis threatens to end her newfound happiness.

Nikki Layton, married to her high school sweetheart and mother of five leads a chaotic life that has worn her down.

Alone  these women struggled with their imperfect lives but brought together  by tragedy these best friends are a triple threat as they work together  to make a friends’ last wish a reality. 

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Current Promotions


 Climbing is in Mallory Reese’s blood. Her grandparents and parents were all climbers conquering the highest peaks around the globe. As a child, she is torn between the captivating world of climbing and the grief of having her parents leave her time after time as they conquer the next peak.

When tragedy strikes, Mallory finds climbing the only solace to her grief. She wants to become the type of climber that would make her parents proud.

Childhood guilt and a broken heart propel Mallory on a mission to honor her parents by climbing the ten highest peaks around the globe. The climbing comes easy, yet falling in love makes her stumble.

Mallory has a tough choice – aim for the summit or give it all up for love. 

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